Charlene and Albert of Monaco, Popsugar returns on their scrambles

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, Popsugar returns on their scrambles 02/07/2017 at 13:01

Early complicated the relationship of Charlene of Monaco and her husband, prince Albert, were relayed by the media of the uk.

Popsugar says in effect that the princess of the Rock had not had a wedding ceremony worthy of his rank. She would not let down the aisle to the arms of her man.

This media makes that relay a rumour put about at the time by The Express, who had also been targeted by a complaint of the princely couple.

At the time, it was said that the princess had wanted to flee to South Africa after having discovered that her future husband had a child with an air hostess. His passport would have been confiscated at the Nice airport by the French authorities.

A few years later, Charlene of Monaco claimed to have discovered the origin of this rumor. It would be a close to the prince.

Charlene of Monaco had also referred to such gossip during an interview with the Italian version of Vanity Fair.
“I was at the palace, occupied by the last-minute preparations. When you told me what was said, I laughed “, remembered it before question : “Where would I have run away ? I think that I would have found even on the Moon.”

“This has been a very hard time, for everyone. And then I prayed a lot, I did walk my common sense and I remembered why I was there “, added also Charlene of Monaco.

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