Kate Middleton, finally a nanny to calm the ardor of the little George ?

Kate Middleton, finally a nanny to calm the ardor of the little George ? 02/07/2017 at 21:00

Kate Middleton and prince William would finally stumbled upon the rare, another nanny who could crop their two children, George and Charlotte, which would be untenable.

A new staff for the duke and duchess of Cambridge ? May as well be.
According to Grazia, the princely couple would have paid the full price, or us $ 320,000, to engage the services of a super nanny able to put the order in the behaviour of the small George.

“The new nanny is a graduate of the prestigious College Norland Bath,” said one source to Grazia magazine.
The future recruit would be fluent in six languages, including “French and Spanish”.

To tame the prince George, which would be particularly restless, he would break down of its powers in the behavior of children.

“She would have managed to cope with the tantrums of the prince George and would be able to manage other problems”, slips a source.

Last April, it reminds us that Gala already explained the way in which Kate Middleton calmed ‘the anger’ of prince George.

Since she has experienced the joys of motherhood, the duchess of Cambridge is illustrated with methods of education that are unique to a “mixture of authority and patience.”
Kate Middleton would have never left reflected ” an ounce of impatience or anger, she called today with the results of positive education, based on listening and the development of the child in the dialogue “, stated the publication.

It would be a point of honor to teach his children honesty. “Just as important as excellence in mathematics or in sport “, explained she.
Citing a close source, Gala explained that the duchess of Cambridge “would be able to shout and roll around on the ground for that he realizes the ridiculousness of the situation.”

This behavior ” the amuse at the start “, and the third in the order of succession to the british crown eventually calm down.

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