Migrants : the Italians, the first to be disappointed of the macronisme

The first disappointed of the macronisme on the european arena are the Italian authorities. The “casus belli” between Rome to Paris ? On February 27, 150 migrants entered france via Ventimiglia have been accompanied in the Italian territory. “We can no longer tolerate these policy changes (on the reception of migrants, ED), said the minister of the interior alps, Marco Minniti. Emmanuel Macron had publicly supported theItaly and now he sends the police to push back a few dozen migrants. ”

With Greece, Italy alone supports the entire weight of the reception of migrants. Since the closing of the Balkan route obtained by theGermany due to an agreement between the european Union and Turkey, the african boat people are back on the road that passes by Libya and Sicily. The number of immigrants welcomed in the peninsula never ceases to grow : 180 000 in 2016, 76 890 during the first five months of 2017 and already 12 000 in the last few days. Despite european commitments, the other countries of the Union refuse to take on their territory of migrants pending the examination of their asylum application. The question of the reception of migrants has therefore become central in the political debate, the alps and the populist parties, the Northern league and the Movement 5 stars, denounce every day the bankruptcy of the government.

The threat of Rome

Rome has therefore set foot in the flat, threatening to prohibit its ports to the ships of the NGOS that rescue the migrants in the Sicily channel but not flying the Italian flag. The rule is that, when those in peril are rescued at sea, they must be accompanied in the nearest port. Malta is excluded due to an already too large number of immigrants on an island of small size, all of the boats head to the Italian ports of Messina, Vibo Valentia, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Trapani, Brindisi, or Porto Empedocle. The Italian authorities would like to see other countries with a mediterranean coastline, such as France and Spain, support a part of these people. In vain. Emmanuel Macron has said repeatedly that it was necessary to distinguish between political refugees, to which France must be in solidarity, and the economic refugees, who, according to the Dublin regulation, must remain in the first country of reception.

The debate has been bouncing the question of the role of NGOS, sometimes accused of facilitating immigration by collecting the boat people as soon as the limit of the territorial waters of libya. Some even suspect, without evidence, have concluded agreements guilty with the traffickers, libyan. Distinguishing between Italian NGOS of the other, the government’s plan Gentiloni intends to do a tri. For the main NGOS above all suspicion, such as Doctors without borders or Save the Children, it would endanger migrants often recovered in a sanitary condition critical.

The concessions of Mozart to the realpolitik

The insensitivity of France before the drama of the migrants is seen in the peninsula as a running back Emmanuel Macron. In an editorial entitled ” Macron, the president of miracles will become normal “, the main daily newspaper transalpine, Il Corriere della sera, lists the concessions the Mozart of the eu policy realpolitik : the reception of migrants, but also foreign policy in Syria, the equality between men and women in politics, the moralization of public life and the economy.

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