Nicolas Sarkozy about French prime minister François Fillon ” It has been good or****”

Nicolas Sarkozy about French prime minister François Fillon ” It has been good or****” 02/07/2017 at 10:05

Nicolas Sarkozy would be glad of the defeat of François Fillon in the first round of the presidential election.
In fact, he was placed third behind Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

Nicolas Sarkozy , believe the confessions of Robert Towns in Vanity Fair, would have been delighted by the defeat of its former prime minister, candidate for the presidency of the republic.
“It has been good or*** “, would have pleased the husband of Carla Bruni.

At the end of may already, VOD were already being reported that Nicolas Sarkozy continues to gently lead a small battle behind the scenes to take over the house in LR and “push his pawns” in view of his eventual return to business in a few years.

“Nicolas Sarkozy, laughs best… “, headlined the weekly, convinced that the ex-president of the republic has not renounced the policy.

And these last few episodes seem to give him reason.

“The former president of jubile : Fillon and Juppé are permanently discarded, he hoped to regain control by pushing his pawns “, stated the publication.

To do this, he can count on his support Christian Jacob.

“This is a man to whom we owe much. (…) After the bout, François Fillon and Jean-François Copé, he has put our family in working order. In addition, he has been the president of the republic, which gives him a moral authority, ” he said.

Nicolas Sarkozy has a weight, “networks, and experience in any case sufficient to lead the Republicans to distance, and tighten a little the screws,” said VOD, which was once again to honor the former president of the republic.
Nicolas Sarkozy would have already won a first battle.

“The Sarkozystes have taken over the party, notes, disillusioned, a relative of Bruno Le Maire. There are many of those who have been his companion at key positions. When the caciques, they have lined up behind him since the defeat of François Fillon “.

Nicolas Sarkozy wants to ” weigh the more possible, observe what happens during the quinquennium, keep the height and be a guarantor entity, continues this close to Bruno Le Maire. he wants to reunite the family and return one day “.

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