Pierre Moscovici candidate for the presidency of the european Commission

Pierre Moscovici sees far, and sees european. The current commissioner for economic and monetary Affairs of the EU has been entrusted by the Welt am Sonntag, the edition Sunday daily Die Welt, that he intended to run for the presidency of the european Commission. It would replace, and Jean-Claude Juncker after the european elections of 2019.

“I plan to submit my application for the position of president of the european Commission, this interests me, yes,” said Pierre Moscovici to the German newspaper. The ex-French Finance minister evokes, however, of conditions. Campaign for the campaign doesn’t interest him so no, what he wants, that is prevail over the requirement. “Social democracy in Europe is in crisis. There is a lack of unity, clear direction and ideas. The question is whether we can get to rebuild all of that in two years, ” he explains.

Renew concepts

According to the european commissioner, european social democracy must renew itself to have a future. “We need to stop looking at the personalities centrists as traitors, and the people of the left like crazy “, he insisted. According to Pierre Moscovici, it is time for european leaders to develop concepts and to stick to it, to finish with the inequality within Europe, and to show the world what it means to the european leadership. It is for this reason that the French wish to be a candidate for the post of president of the Commission.

However, Pierre Moscovici is aware that its future will depend on the majority obtained at the european elections of 2019. According to the logic, the future president of the Commission will be elected by european leaders following the alliance of parties that came out ahead in the election.

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