Portugal – Mexico (2-1), Portugal takes the third place

In the third place match of the Confederations Cup, it was Portugal who took the best of Mexico.

Match for third place of the Confederations Cup

Portugal – Mexico : 2-1

Goals : Pepe (91st), Silva (104) ; Neto (54th, scc)

EDITORIAL – The Confederations Cup ends in indifference is total

Although deprived of Cristiano Ronaldo and Bernardo Silva, the Portugal wasn’t long before to show who was the boss on the field. Through its technical superiority is undeniable, the selection directed by Fernando Santos has been able to string together the sequences of ball possession in the face of a Mexico relatively wait-and-see approach. While the partners of Chicharito have often had to work on counter hit, the first turning point of the meeting occurred at the 17th minute of the game. Thanks to the help of the video, the Portugal will have a penalty after a foul Mark on André Silva, the new striker of AC Milan.

A huge Ochoa was able to delay the Portugal

Silva, however, missed his duel against Guillermo Ochoa, who was able to lie down on the right to push the ball. With chess facing Chile in the semi-final of the Confederations Cup this has brought the total to four penalty kicks missed in a row for Portugal. Semedo has tried to deceive the vigilance of the guardian of the Sort, but the latter was able to show his talent. Although higher, the Portugal was not able to materialize his dominance in the first 45 minutes.

In the second period, the situation has even become worse because, on a neutral action, Neto has missed his duel against Carlos Vela and pushed the ball to the back of the net for Portugal. Subsequently, the selection champion of Europe is going to have as their sole ambition to go up this late, and in spite of a few occasions (Pizzi, Quaresma), she had to wait until the final minute of the encounter to return to the score. Pepe, then in the position of centre-forward, sent the two teams into overtime of a flat foot full of rage after a subtle center of Quaresma.

In extra time, Portugal was once again awarded a penalty kick after a hand of Layun in the penalty area straight to a centre of Quaresma. This time, André Silva sent the ball to mid-height, out of reach of Ochoa. This good news was quickly countered by a bad one. Following a duel with Lozano and a foot too high, Semedo has been punished with a second yellow card, and therefore expulsion. Jimenez, too, has been expelled with Mexico for the same action, a foot too high. Portugal was able to manage his time with the ball, and, finally, got the main : a third place in the Confederations Cup 2017.

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