Renaud farts form the Price of the personality of petanque (photo)

Renaud farts form the Price of the personality of petanque (photo) 02/07/2017 at 19:00

It is in the south of France that Renaud has a good time, participating in a tournament of game of bowls, along with several other celebrities.

“As a parenthesis sun before returning to the road of the festivals in July, it is a Renaud in the Form which launched the price of the personalities of game of bowls, to The Isle on the Sorgue, in the company of Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Jean-Marie Bigard, and a few others,” according to the magazine VSD, which reveals a photo.

Last February, the singer, 63-year-old had, we recall, was sacred to the Victories of the music after years of hard.

This coronation, Renaud deserves. It is the artist who has sold the most albums in France in 2016 for his big return, after a troubled period marked by alcoholism and depression.

His album released on April 8 has in effect found a huge resonance with its 730 000 copies sold.
In a recorded message, Renaud had wanted to dedicate this Victory to his two children.
The singer, who comes this week in the pages of Gala, had already won this award in 2003.

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