Sahel : a force anti-jihadist d'a budget of 423 million d'euro

This to Bamako to attend the summit of the G5 Sahel, bringing together Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, the Niger and the Chad, Emmanuel Macron , has given its support to the deployment of an african force joint fight against islamist terrorism. The five leaders have agreed an overall budget of 423 million euros, as announced by the president of mali Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. The president of the Republic, however, has asked member countries to demonstrate the effectiveness of this force.

In the Face of the deterioration of the situation in the centre of Mali, bordering Burkina Faso and Niger, gained in turn by the violence that the jihadists, the G5 was reactivated at a summit in February, also in the malian capital, the project for the creation of this force. Deployed in a first time the borders of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, with an initial size of 5 000 men, based in Sévaré (central Mali), it will be added to the French operation Barkhane, which tracks down the jihadists in the Sahel, and the UN Mission in Mali (Minusma).

Northern Mali had fallen in march-April 2012 under the thumb of jihadist groups linked to Al-Qaeda. They have been largely driven out by an international military intervention launched in 2013 at the initiative of France. But entire areas are beyond the control of the malian armed forces, the French and the UN, regularly referred to by attacks.

The EU will commit to a level of 50 million euros

“Each of our States (Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Chad) is going to make the effort of 10 million euros,” pointed out Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta during a joint press conference with Emmanuel Macron. “The issue of funding has taken the most space, nearly all of the time “, of the in camera discussions, he noted. “The funding that we have evaluated is of 423 million euros,” said the president of mali.

The european Union (EU) has already promised 50 million euros, “the beginning of a long-term commitment” that intends to foster Paris, according to the French president. A donor conference should be held in the coming months. Emmanuel Macron has added ” having a good hope that the July 13 “, the franco-German council in Paris will enable the two countries to” tell of shared commitments around this alliance “. On 21 June, the security Council of the UN adopted a resolution which “welcomed” the deployment of this force but not grant him neither a mandate nor the funds.

Behind the acronym of the #G5Sahel, there is a dynamic, a movement. This is a close-knit community in the face of a challenge.

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) July 2, 2017

“A field of confrontation of the world “

In a new gesture of challenge to the leaders of the G5, the main alliance jihadi in the Sahellinked to Al-Qaeda, has released Saturday, the eve of the summit, a video showing six foreigners kidnapped in Mali and in Burkina Faso between 2011 and 2017: one French, one Colombian, a South African, a Romanian, a Swiss and an Australian. This same alliance has claimed responsibility for the attack on 18 June against a resort near Bamako, who had five dead, plus the four attackers killed.

The allegiance of many of the jihadists in the Sahel to Al-Qaeda, or the group islamic State ” is planning our region in a field of confrontation of the world “, underlined the president of mali. “We have every day to confront terrorists, thugs, murderers,” said Emmanuel Macron, but they ” have fed our weaknesses, our hypocrisies, of the complexes of the past, of our inefficiency collective “.

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