Stéphane Plaza admits to being ” show more easily her buttocks as her heart “

Stéphane Plaza admits to being “show more easily, her buttocks that his heart” 02/07/2017 at 10:53

In an interview with the Point, Stéphane Plaza was made a state of its great shyness, and to overcome it and especially to hide it, he does not hesitate to show her buttocks.

“It is probably a way to protect myself, maybe to hide my emotional. I show more easily my buttocks, my heart, to wrong. But I assume, ” says the estate agent, the most famous of France. I have one side white clown, the one who leads, but who has flaws, sensitive to the sadness and the melancholy.”

There is little, the accomplice of Karine Le Marchand had been questioned about his sentimental life, in particular on the fact of whether he was gay.

“I am happy but not pacsé ! Understand that wants. Those who do not understand will continue, perhaps, to say that I am gay, or gay, but it doesn’t bother me. I have neither to deny nor to confirm. This is the domain of private life”, was the one who would be in a relationship with a certain Diana, with whom he had been spotted last year in the south of France.

“I’m in love with life. But I would say ‘passionate’, rather. Some would prefer to know if I am in love in life, and not of life, but I decided not to respond. When we talk about her private life, it is immediately listed, engraved in stone, or even deformed… I prefer to do abstraction, ” he said.

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