The son of Jean-Paul Belmondo does not want Jean Dujardin to embody his father

The son of Jean-Paul Belmondo does not want Jean Dujardin to embody his father 02/07/2017 at 20:40

If a biopic about Jean-Paul Belmondo was up-to-date, his son, Paul, did not want Jean Dujardin in the distribution.

“I think it will eventually do one day, with his agreement, admits Paul Belmondo, her son, during an interview granted to” Public “. It is he who will decide if he accepts or not. I think this is beginning to tickle more than one. But it is not easy to succeed in a biopic “.

And then specify that he already has an idea about the person who could assume the role of his father, and would not be Jean Dujardin.

“I don’t know if this would be the ideal,” he says, estimating that the concern would be rather physical.
“For example, if one takes Gainsbourg, the interpreter looked like her, Cloclo, too… “.
Jean Dujardin doesn’t look like a Jean-Paul Belmondo.

To embody the Beautiful, Paul Belmondo rather think of Victor, his son 23 years old.
“I think that it is necessary to choose interesting moments in the life of someone,” he says. And the key period for my father, it is all his youth, his meeting with Jean-Luc Godard, Jean Pierre Melville, the thin cows, then the success “.
Victor Belmondo will be in the cinema in the Guardians in the face of Nathalie Baye and works in parallel to writing his own film.

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