What is the happiest country in the world ?

“The GDP does not tell us everything. “It is from this observation, and the fact that” 70 % of human behavior is based on emotion and not on the analysis “, that the survey institute Gallup has wanted to propose another way to evaluate the “emotional state” of a country. For the third consecutive year, the american company has therefore surveyed 149 000 people in 142 countries on their positive and negative experiences. Respondents were invited to reflect on whether they had laughed or smiled the day before “or if” they had learned or done something interesting the day before.” On the side of the negative feelings, it is their sadness, their anger or stress that were surveyed.

The institute was then established 2 scales on 100 : one of the negative feelings and positive feelings. On the positive side, the world harvested an average of 70, a result of “constant,” says Gallup. Scores ranging between 51 to the Yemen and 84 for the Paraguay, the winner, therefore. A country that was already the more feelings happy in 2015. In general, Latin America is very well represented in this area of the classification as we find the Costa Rica in 2nd place, Panama (3rd), and then theEcuador, Guatemala, Mexico tied for 6th place, and finally Chile and Colombia at the 10th position. The Philippines are in equal 3rd place with Uzbekistan and we find Norway in the 9th position. Gallup attributes these results to ” a cultural tendency in the region to see life on the good side “.


For the scale of negative feelings, we find, without surprise, countries experiencing conflict, even if Syria is not classified for this same reason. For the highest rates of negative experiences, there is, therefore, Iraq and South Sudan, Iran or Liberia. For the emotions, it is the Greeks who are the most stressed and the Iranians the more… angry.

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