World cup 2018, should we fear the fans the russians ?

Violent, organized, and numerous, the supporters, the russians have been talking about them during the Euro 2016. Should we expect a similar phenomenon in 2018 ?

On June 11, 2016, England should confront Russia for its first match of Euro. But in the after-noon preceding the meeting, supporters of Russian, who came to mass, take it to the English. The Cannebière then takes on the allure of scenes of urban guerrilla warfare as the fighting his violent and difficult to control.
Roma, PSG, Arsenal and the new shirts of the biggest clubs in europe
The old port is calmed and controlled by the police, it is the turn of the stage of the theater of violence. At the end of the meeting, which ends in a tie (1-1), the supporters, the russians cross the platform to take a new time to the English. The scene creates a crowd movement and panic within the Velodrome. Sad day for european football.
Later we learn that these supporters came from Russia specially for the game had planned their coup. These pros of the violence, according to Sebastien Louis, questioned at the time by The World of bands, very organized. “It was a raid, we had to deal with a commando, a paramilitary in the organization : they identify the premises, designate a target, and then go on the attack. They were fully aware of the geography of the area and were on paths perpendicular or parallel to avoid the police controls”, were analyzed by the researcher.

World Cup 2018-home

If they came to fight at the Euro in France, it is legitimate to have some concerns for the world Cup 2018 “home” next year. This is explained by a video of the BBC published in February last, where is presented one of the leading groups of hooliganism which took place in Marseille.

This video comes to question the assurance of the organizing committee of the World Cup with regard to safety on site. Hooligans Russian promise already a “festival of violence”, especially as they are supported by certain policies. This is the case of Igor Lebedev, deputy Russian extreme right. During the incidents of the Euro, the politician had made an appearance, declaring that “the French police is responsible for all the fights he has had and those that will occur”. Igor Lebedev, “proud” of his hooligans Russian has even recently proposed the creation of a competition between supporters violent.

A decree to limit the violence

Everything leads us then to believe that the World Cup 2018 will be played in outside stadiums. Out of the question for Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, who has decided to strengthen the security during the event. The head of the Kremlin has signed a decree last may ordered the introduction of enhanced security measures in the infrastructure and the areas adjacent to places where will take place matches. All the more that the gatherings will be limited to the surroundings of the stadiums.
Of more close relations between the organizers and the countries that have qualified will be held in advance of the World Cup. To reassure the more skeptical ? The Confederations Cup will also have been a good test, because no accident was deplored during the duration of the competition. This is a successful test until 2018…

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