Eleonora Abbagnato: ‘My mom has leukemia’

Eleonora Abbagnato, reserved and jealous of his privacy, he admits to Vanity Fair that the mother is suffering from leukemia. The dancer 39-year-old speaks of the pain that lead to the disease that has struck the woman.

Eleonora Abbagnato reveals: ‘My mum is suffering from leukaemia’

“I fear the disease. I always hope for does not arrive, or arrive as late as possible”, says Eleonora Abbagnato. And reveals: “My mother, for example, you are taking care of a leukemia in the chronic form. Well you’re doing, but when we have said that inside of all that pain I wanted to leave the show, I grazed. Then I ran to her. I looked at her in the eyes. And it gave me back all the power”.

The mother has leukemia. But Eleonora Abbagnato never give up and never give up. “And’ a strong woman: lives down, the I see little. Always been very far away, yet so close”, he stresses.

Eleonora lives in Rome with her husband Federico Balzaretti, with which you went to the wedding in 2011. And’ crazy in love of former footballer now manager of Roma. “Our wedding was a party. We had fun like crazy. And would like to get married 10 times again to celebrate that moment, right, perfect, in which we met”, you know.

The 39-year-old with the husband Federico Balzaretti, the son of Julia and Gabriel and the daughters of the ex-footballer, Lucrezia and Geneva Victory

“I was immersed in my work, I remember, and I saw this man so serious in his, and so rare, and attentive to these two girls (Lucretia, age 11, and Geneva Victory, 9, Balzaretti has had from ex-girlfriend Jessica Gasparin, ed.), tells the story of the étoile.

With him he had Julia, age 5, and Gabriel, 2. The director of the ballet of the Opera is happy and the man she loves says only good things: “good for all him. Gives me balance. Wants to go home and have dinner together and travel together and grow together”.

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