Love is in the meadow this Monday, the shot of the heart of Sebastian

Love is in the meadow this Monday, the coup de coeur de Sébastien 03/07/2017 at 19:03

This Monday, it is the return of love is in the meadow, the issue of dating rural presented by Karine Le Marchand on M6.

For the occasion, five participants are preparing to meet with the author(s)letters that were the more deceived :

• Carole, 48, a breeder of St. Bernard in the Alps-Maritimes.

• Romuald, 43 years of age, a breeder of hens bio for the sale of eggs in Haute-Saône.

• Raphael, 44, a fisherman in the Haute-Savoie.

• Roland, 60 years, farmer of suckler cows in the Haute-Loire.

• Sébastien, 40 years old, a breeder of sheep and suckler cows in Haute-Vienne.

Galvanized by this first contact with their mistresses, Romuald and Roland will offer us a miscellany of moments of anthology. In the Face of the “zigounette” of the mischievous Roland or the theatrics of the passionate and (very) talkative Romuald, 3 and 9 soupirantes of our singles will live head-to-head which they will remember. Behind the lightness – facade – of these exchanges, the early affinities begin to emerge…

Carole, by his side, live interviews more poussives the face of men captivated by its charm but stunned by the stress. Intimidated, in short words, ” water “, each will go to his misfortune at the time to seduce our breeder of Saint Bernard. Despite the setbacks of these gentlemen, a few good surprises will however hatch out.

Raphael will meet with 9 participants, among which several passionate like him in nature and birds. First similarities promising but our romantic traveller will live there this famous shot of lightning so dear to his eyes ?

Sebastian finally found his favourite Laetitia, a former classmate of which he is the hidden love since elementary school. But while 9 other women are also coming conquer, the dream will not stop there and an unexpected result will come to the conclusion that these appointments are in love.

In the next episode, around 22 pm : a Few days later, it is on the farm that Carol, Sebastian, Romuald, Raphaël and Roland found the two suitor(s)that they wished to review them at home. In their environment, our singles will live a week like no other that will allow them to better discover their guest(s), and that can be achieved with the first strokes of the heart sketched during the rendez-vous of love. For the two sighing(e)s, this week, country will also be the opportunity to discover the world of farming to their guests, with all that this entails. Glances, games of seduction, but also the earliest of the small spades and rivalries emerging… already the first steps promise to be instructive for the rest of the stay… love will be there at the appointment ?

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