Why we don’t believe in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini is the subject of a new rumor. It would be a smartphone more compact, but still high-end, but the rumour lacks credibility.

The idea of a declination of the “mini” of the Samsung Galaxy S8 had been the subject of an April fool out before the time in march. It must be said that the Galaxy S8 and its screen with no borders, 5.8-inch left a lot of dream world of a variant with a smaller screen, but always without borders, to make the device more compact.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini is this time the object of a true rumor, but that does not seem to be much more believable that the fish from April to march. According to a chinese sources, the Galaxy S8 Mini would be equipped with a 5.3 ” display in a chassis of a similar volume to that of a smartphone’s 4.7-inch with a screen classic.

The phone incorporates a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with 4 Gb of RAM and 32 Gb of storage. The iris reader is already present on the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 7 will be a new time of the game.

Why we didn’t believe it really

This rumor seems a little too good to be credible. First, neither the Galaxy S6 nor the Galaxy S7 will not have had the right to declinations mini, the newest product being the Galaxy S5 mini. In addition, the market trend is not towards smartphones premium compact segment, but rather to an increase in sales of smartphone with large diagonal. The use of a Snapdragon 821, the mode in 2016, we also seems strange.

In addition, it was difficult to imagine in what segment slips the Galaxy S8 Mini. In fact, today Samsung offers a catalog rather clear of smartphones with the entry of the range occupied by the Galaxy J, the mid-range by the Galaxy, and the high end by the Galaxy S. The arrival of a Galaxy S8 Mini might make the nomenclature more confusing with a smartphone that would be halfway between mid and high range.

Finally, the source of this rumor does not have a history of known leaks that have been proved by the result, therefore, it’s difficult to give him credibility for the moment. After the last announcement of the Galaxy S8 Mini is approaching to the South Korea. We shall soon be fixed.

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