Dr. H : the exclusive Interview for the release of his single

Why did you choose this artist name Doctor H ?

“Doctor,” the flow and beautiful rhymes, I sell every word and every sound with detail and H is the first letter of my first name.

More seriously, I believe in the power of music, which transcends borders, religions and can heal the wounds of the soul.

Since when do you do the music ?

I write songs and I create melodies since the age of 13 years, of course, my inspiration changed over the years !

How would you define your music style ?

“Eclectic Hip-Hop “, I write in English and French and I mix reggae, rap, pop, and soul. It may come as a surprise, but it goes from rap to classical music, it gives a mini Molotov cocktail to be very effective !

Why do you make music ?

It is my passion since childhood, the music allows you to dream and dream, I realized that you can touch millions of people, and sometimes even more effectively than in politics!

What are your musical influences ?

I am a nostalgic of the 90’s, a fan of american rap : Notorious BIG, 2pac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mase, 112, Wyclef Jean, Jay. Z, Kanye West with US but also Oxmo Puccino, Kerry James, Passi, Arsenic…in France.

I also like the variety of French, especially the old vinyl records that my parents listened to in my childhood (Bachelet, Sardou, Axelle Red, Barzotti, Eicher etc).

If you were to bring one album on a deserted island with this would be which ?

“The Carnival” by Wyclef Jean released in 1997, featuring songs cults such as ” Gone till November “, ” Guantanamera “, ” Mona Lisa “, ” Revelation “.

If you could spend an evening with a star of the song who would it be ?

Notorious BIG, but he died in 2006, unfortunately. Otherwise, I don cracherais not on a dinner with Nicky Minaj, she killed the competition among the women in hip-hop for a long time!

And for a duo, this would be with who ?

At the moment, Stromae, I find that he has genius and artistic talent crazy, very few know it, but he started in Hip hop in Belgium in the early 2000s and now 15 years later..

Tell us about your first title …

Rise & Fall tells the story of a Golden boy with an overly for the bling bling, the party and the girls. His ego and his excesses were lost, the 7 capital sins. The more one rises high and the fall is hard.

If you were to give the desire to the readers of I love to Gossip to listen to your music, you would say what ?

My music is a Molotov cocktail original, it is addressed to a public of all ages, engaged, with such titles as “Legends” and knowing how to animate the dance floor with tracks like ” Dangerous Romance “. To listen to without moderation !

Your biggest dream ?

Embark on, my family, my friends and the people I love with me in a world tour. But I believe that it will be necessary to rent the Queen Mary II so it is many…

I réserverai VIP tickets to your readers, of course !

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