Guendalina Tavassi: ‘Do I spot on social for work, but for a mother it is not easy’

Gwendolyn Tavassi is the spot to work on the social, but, as he confesses to the Top in the number in newspaper stand, for a mother is not as easy as it seems. Especially when you have three children, and it is expected to put the family in the foreground.

Guendalina Tavassi at the ‘Top’ says: ‘Do I spot on social for work, but for a mother it is not easy’

Guandalina Tavassi, 31 years old, married Umberto D’aponte, mom of Chloe, Gaia and Saviour, the magazine talks about his work, do spot on the social. What is it about? “In the have of the brand, to the sponsors, who send you things and you make them try. Then with a photo advertises the drink, the accessory or the gown that they send you. Clearly, it has spread a lot of this work on social network so we are many“.

And added: “But I have to say the truth, in the end it is a job. Why do the photos, write texts, prepare the location, maybe for a girl without children is simple, but for me it becomes complicated to make a photo with a baby attached to one leg, the other attached to the other leg, the other screams and runs away”.

The former gieffina advertises the product or beauty of the physical form

In its spot on the social advertising, especially beauty products and to keep in shape. Shows off the breathtaking body, but on his body, he stresses: “After the three children without ever having gone to the gym and eating so much, I consider myself quite lucky but I assure you that the annuity is over. I begin to move too”.

For the work projects expected of the answers. On another reality show, Guendalina Tavassi is to know that not disdegnerette the GF Vip: “Maybe I would do a GF vip because I know that here in Rome I would feel closer to home. The island of the famous not I would do because I would feel too far away from my family, from my children. However, Gaia when I attended the GF-11 was the largest of the Savior (a year and a half ndr) and Chloe (3 and a half ndr) then it is a different thing”. The girl was 6 years old, in fact.

The 31-year-old with her husband Umberto D’aponte and Chloe

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