Jenifer has it been really been dropped by his manager ?

Jenifer has it been really been dropped by his manager ? 08/07/2017 at 21:50

For the magazine Audience, no doubt, Jenifer has been dropped by its manager, Franck Veron.

And the end of their collaboration announced in a brief statement a few days ago would have been initiated by the manager.

“Still a hard shot ! After sixteen years of collaboration, Franck Veron announces that he is not the singer “, recalls in a first time the weekly people.

And then specify that the crux of the problem is the fact that the former coach of The Voice is no longer able to reconnect with the success of yesteryear.

“Hidden paradise” is the biggest failure of his career.

“A sign of rejection, when it is known that a manager needs to help its foals in his artistic choices,” says the publication, for which there is no doubt, the divorce is now eaten.

The career of the pretty brunette will now be managed by Thierry Saïd, the manager of M. Pokora.
“Remains to be seen if the latter will succeed to rebooster the singer. It is far from being won “.

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