Rob Kardashian and Committee Chyna : the whole family is shocked !

Back on the facts : Rob Kardashian accuses Committee Chyna to have deceived the umpteenth time. For revenge, he has posted on social networks photos very intimate Committee Chyna, revealing all its intimacy. It has, in particular, posted pictures of her without panties or sms very private…

And the family Kardashian is extremely shocked by the behavior of the two lovers : “For Kardashian, Rob would never have had to publish the photos risqué Committee Chyna on Instagram, or accuse him publicly of having cheated with several boys in the same week,” reported a source to TMZ on Thursday 6 July. The clan Kardashian-Jenner would be even more wound that, according to him, the rage that exists between Rob and Committee Chyna could eventually have a serious impact on the Dream, the couple’s daughter. “They are ashamed that their war has become public and that it would result in harm to their family name.

In addition to the fact that it has an impact on their brand image, they were even more afraid that it does not hurt to Dream, the little 7-year old daughter of Rob and Chyna “, added a source, ” The family thinks that it is risky to Dream, to live in homes where their parents are in war. The Kardashian will always be loyal to Rob and wants to help, but their priority is to ensure that the Dream goes well and that it will not be affected by the wrath of his parents “…

Case to follow, it is almost sure that there will be a sequel very soon !

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