Teddy Riner betrayed by Fort Boyard ? The production responds to his critics

Teddy Riner betrayed by Fort Boyard ? The production meets its critical 08/07/2017 at 21:00

The production of Fort Boyard replied to Teddy Riner, who said in June last betrayed after being forced to confront snakes and spiders.

The champion of judo had participated in this game of France 2, in 2011. And he will do more after having been betrayed by the production.

“Never I’ll be there candidate. Finished ! Prior to the tests, I had warned that I do not want neither snake nor spider. I’m scared, ” he recalls. They found nothing better than to shut myself up with a big yellow snake. I saw it on the end. What fear ! To me, they have betrayed, they can forget me “.
At the time, he-man was disappointed by his encounter with the snake.

“But you are the eggs there, damn, was out at the multi olympic champion. Pu***, you have made a snake ! I don’t like snakes, I said. I do not like snakes ! “he launched.

The production of the show, with William Ramain in the head, has sent a message to Teddy Riner.

“We do not ask for their phobias, they will be asked what fear they would like to overcome. The idea is to go over their fears, ” he says.

“They prevent by the comments in the questionnaire that they have a paralyzing fear, it does not require them, this is not the goal. Teddy had not made a special note “.

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