Scenes from “war” to Caracas

The violence erupted Sunday in Venezuela, the day of the election of the constituent Assembly rejected by opponents of president Nicolas Maduro, a candidate and an opposition leader were killed, while scenes of “war” touched down in Caracas.

“Venezuelans against Venezuelans… this is war!”, said Conchita Ramirez, a resident of a district of the capital after the operation muscular forces of the order.

A little further, passing a group of bikers from the police, a loud bang rang out, watch a video of the AFP. At least four policemen are wounded. Scenes like this took place in Maracaibo (west), the country’s second city. In all, seven people died since Saturday, according to the public Prosecutor.

Candidate shot dead

A candidate for the constituent assembly, was shot dead in his home in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Ciudad Bolivar (south-east), José Felix Pineda, a lawyer of 39 years. And an opposition leader, Ricardo Campos, 30, was killed by a bullet during a protest in the State of Sucre, north-east).

A soldier was also shot dead by a bullet during a protest” in the State of Tachira (west) border with Colombia.

In addition, three of the protesters of 28, 39 and 43 years died in the States of Mérida (west) and Barquisimeto (west), and another had died on Saturday in a protest in the State of Merida (west).

Country to the brink of the abyss

Rallies, barricades, and homicide: this vote is taking place while the country is on the brink of economic collapse. Since the month of April, anti-government protests have left more than 110 dead and thousands injured.

The vote to designate the 545 members of the constituent Assembly began Sunday at 06: 00 local (12: 00 swiss time). The socialist president Nicolas Maduro was the first to vote in the west of Caracas.

“I ask today the blessings of God so that the people can freely exercise its democratic right to vote,” said the head of State. According to him, “the emperor Donald Trump has wanted to prevent the people from exercising the right to vote.” Boycott of the opposition

The opposition, which is boycotting the whole process and therefore has presented no candidate, called to draw up barricades throughout the country, although the government has threatened five to ten years of imprisonment those who would oppose the election.

The antichavistes hold the majority in the Parliament and see in this Constituent as a way for president Maduro to cling to power, bypassing the elected national Assembly and prevent the presidential election scheduled for the end of 2018.

The government ensures that this future assembly, whose term of office is not defined, will be a “super power” that will have the ability to dissolve the Parliament, it will bring peace and enable the country to recover economically.

72% of Venezuelans against

Nicolas Maduro has the support of the judiciary and military. But more than 80% of Venezuelans disapprove of his management of the country and 72% of its proposed Constituent, according to the institute of polls from Datanalisis.

The participation in the election Sunday will be a given key. According to the analyst Benigno Alarcon, the government seeks to avoid a high abstention rate, knowing that 7.6 million people have voted in a referendum symbolic organized by the opposition two weeks ago against the project, according to the MUD.

But thanks to the electoral system, combining voting territorial and social sector professionals, 62% of the 19.8 million voters will be able to speak twice, which raises questions about the validity of the result, points out one analyst, Eugenio Martinez.


Created: 30.07.2017, 23h18

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