Venezuela : a leader of the'opposition and three men killed

After the death of a candidate in the constituent Assembly, shot dead in his home in the night from Saturday to Sunday, it is a leader of the venezuelan opposition who was killed on Sunday at dawn, during a protest against the constituent Assembly, shortly before start of the vote this Sunday, which shall designate an Assembly in charge of drafting a new Constitution. Ricardo Campos, 30, was killed by a bullet to Cumana, State of Sucre, north-east of the country), according to the opposition member Henry Ramos Allup, former president of the Parliament. The circumstances of his death have not been clarified by the public prosecutor. Three men of 28, 39 and 43 years old were also shot and killed Sunday during these events, has announced the prosecutor’s office.

At least four members of the security forces were also wounded Sunday by an explosive device during a clash with opposition protesters in Caracas, has seen theAgency France Presse. The explosion occurred on an avenue in the upscale neighborhood of Altamira, where dozens of opponents protested against the election on Sunday, a constituent Assembly, backed by the socialist president Nicolas Maduro, rejected by his opponents. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, Jose Felix Pineda, lawyer of 39 years and a candidate for the constituent Assembly, was shot dead at his home. “A group broke” at home, in Ciudad Bolivar, in the south-east of the country, “and shot him several times,” according to the public ministry of venezuela.

The unrest in the Venezuela for several months to make the election for this Sunday, July 30 particularly guarded. A constituent Assembly should be appointed to draft a new Constitution and lead the country during an unspecified time. A project of socialist president Nicolas Maduro rejected by the opposition majority in Parliament and criticized internationally. The country, the largest exporter of oil in Latin America but on the edge of economic collapse, have known since April of anti-government protests with a violent crackdown, which left over one hundred dead and thousands wounded and detained.

The opposition has called to erect barricades

The opposition has called for a massive rally Sunday in Caracas, as well as to erect barricades throughout the country, although the government has threatened with a jail sentence of up to ten years those who would oppose the election. The polling has started at 6 o’clock local to designate the 545 members of this Assembly and Nicolas Maduro himself was the first to vote in an office to the west of the capital Caracas, accompanied by his wife Cilia Flores, and several leaders. “I’m the first to vote in the country. I ask today its blessing to God so that the people can freely exercise its democratic right to vote “, said Nicolas Maduro behind a desk, dressed in a red shirt, next to a venezuelan flag. According to him, ” the emperor Donald Trump wanted to prevent the people from exercising the right to vote.”

The day before, he had welcomed the holding of the election, stating : “We are on the eve of a great election victory. They were unable to prevent the Constituent assembly. It is already a political reality. “The opposition, which requires general elections, rejected this election and has not presented any candidate, believing that he aims to keep Maduro in power. “This fraud constitutional and electoral is the most serious historic error that could have committed Maduro,” said the member Freddy Guevara, in the name of the opposition coalition Table of the unity democratic (MUD).

The support of the justice and the army

Nicolas Maduro and his Constituent have the support of the judiciary and military. But more than 80 % of Venezuelans disapprove of his management of the country and 72 per cent for the project, according to the institute of polls from Datanalisis. The national electoral Council (CNE) has assured on Saturday that the military would guarantee the conduct of the ballot and allowed the voters to vote in any office of their municipality, arguing that ” the threats of the opposition.”

The participation will be a given key. According to the analyst Benigno Alarcon, the government seeks to avoid a high abstention rate, after the 7.6 million votes that the MUD had gathered in a referendum symbolic organized two weeks ago against the project. But thanks to the electoral system, combining voting, territorial, and industries and business functions, 62 % of the 19.8 million voters will be able to speak two times. This will complicate the calculation of the results, according to the expert electoral Eugenio Martinez.

The president considers the Constituent to be necessary to curb the violence and save the economy. Although they say they want peace, people who sit in this assembly, such as the powerful Diosdado Cabello, have threatened to use it to send people to prison, dissolve the Parliament or to dismantle the Prosecutor’s office. Chaviste long-date – the name ofHugo Chavez, president from 1999 to his death in 2013, and that Nicolas Maduro is the heir, the prosecutor general Luisa Ortega has yet reported a case of rupture of the constitutional order and called to reject the Constituent assembly.

International isolation

With this project, Nicolas Maduro, is set to back the United States, importers of 800 000 of the 1.9 million barrels of crude produced per day in Venezuela, as well as several countries in Latin America and Europe. Washington has imposed sanctions on 13 government officials and military close to the head of the State, including the president of the CNE Tibisay Lucena, accused of attacks on democracy, human rights violations or corruption.

Colombia and Panama have announced that they would not recognize the Constituent assembly, the United States has threatened further sanctions. “The dictatorship is self-isolating,” said the deputy Guevara. The ex-head of the Spanish government, José Luis rodríguez Zapatero, insisted Saturday on the need for a new dialogue after the one that failed in December.

The socialist president accuses the opposition of plotting a coup with the support of Washington , and ” government lackeys “. The election raises fears of a worsening of the chaos. Number of Venezuelans have stored food, or even left the country. The United States, Canada and Mexico have called on their nationals not to travel to Venezuela unless it is necessary, and several airlines have suspended their flights.

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