Vladimir Putin announced the return of 755 u.s. diplomats

72 hours after the vote of new u.s. sanctions against Russia following its putative interference in the presidential election of 2016, Moscow has decided to bang one’s fist on the table. Vladimir Putin has announced on Sunday, July 30 the removal of 755 american diplomats, believing further that positive changes in relations between the two countries are ” not to soon “.

“We have waited long enough, hoping that the situation would change maybe for the better,” said Vladimir Putin in an interview, extracts of which were broadcast on the public channel Russian Rossia 24. “But it seems, that even if the situation changes, it is not to soon,” he estimated.

According to the master of the Kremlin, 755 american diplomats must leave Russia, after the decision was announced on Friday by the Russian ministry of foreign Affairs to reduce, from the 1st of September, to 455 the number of staff of the embassy of the United States and its consulates on the territory of russia. “More than a thousand of people worked and are still working” in the us embassies in Russia, said Mr Putin. “Of 755 people will have to stop their activities in Russia “,-he said.

Donald Trump is expected to endorse the sanctions passed by the Senate

Such a reduction goes to reduce the staff of the us embassies at the same level as that of the staff of representations of russians in the United States, according to Russian diplomacy, which has also suspended the use by the embassy of the United States from a residence in the outskirts of the Russian capital and warehousing.

The Senate u.s. has adopted Thursday sanctions to punish Russia for its interference alleged in the presidential election. This text, which has been denounced by Moscow, but also criticized in the european Union because it allows you to punish european companies, which was then submitted to president Donald Trump, who has the choice of the sign in the state or of the block. On Friday, the White House announced that Donald Trump would sign this text, thus giving it the force of law.

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