Video Interview – Guillaume Devauchelle (Valeo) “the autonomous car is a revolution”

The emergence of electric engines and technologies of autonomous control are the beginnings of a revolution in the automotive world as we know it. It is this that explains Guillaume Devauchelle, Director of innovation for the Valeo group, in the great interview he gave to Caradisiac.

Guillaume Devauchelle, Director of innovation Valeo, has received Caradisiac the 26th July last: “ The tasks of driving such as we know them will appear in 15 to 20 years also incongruous that the use of a starter today.

Valeo, you know ? The automotive supplier French directed by Jacques Aschenbroich provides manufacturers around the world, and is also one of the most innovative companies in the automotive sector. Thus, 50% of orders booked in 2016 have been achieved with products that did not exist three years earlier!

Continuing on the excellent results of 2016, the company has continued to accelerate in the first half of 2017, with an increase of 20% of its net profit, reaching 506 million euros. Valeo aims in 2017, a growth of 5 percentage points above that of the market, and everything seems to indicate that the objective will be widely held. It is not our intention here to you drink in the figures, but simply to illustrate the industrial needs to be taken seriously when he talks about the future of the car as it takes shape under our eyes.

It is in this context that Caradisiac has had the opportunity to interview Guillaume Devauchelle (Plant 1981), Director of the innovation and the scientific research of the group. Its leitmotiv ? “We do not expect the future, but we create it. “. He joined Valeo in 2000, he has climbed many rungs to access the title of Vice-President. The man has a long-term vision of the automotive industry – “we know where we want to be in ten years, and we sequence the whole-step ” – and the accomplishment of the latter requires a use of time that you guess to be loaded. The video interview that he has given us more value (long format, and divided into two parts, is unusual in Caradisiac, so you might want to listen to it like you would a radio interview).

Below you will find some quotations taken from our interview that will give you a taste. For those interested a little bit to the car, which is necessarily your case if you are connected to Caradisiac, these words are worth gold. Because whether we like it or not, between the development of the electric engines and the advent of the autonomous car, it is definitely the groundwork for a transportation revolution that are being asked. So it is best to listen to those who are the main actors.

The goal of the autonomous car, it is less of a serious incident per billion kilometre travelled. Last year in France, we had over 3000 dead for 56 billion kilometres travelled. “

Our forecast is that the task of driving as we know we will appear in 15 to 20 years also incongruous that the use of a starter today.

The functions of autonomous control only makes sense if everyone has access to it.

The autonomous car can provide value to the millions of hours spent in traffic jams.

We are preparing the tower of the place de l’etoile in the autonomous car, a situation particularly complicated. “

We should not think of the autonomous car with the uses of today. “

The automotive value chain will change, with new actors : the major electronics, new services, and start-ups… And the car will be used for lots of other uses that convey a single person on board.

Take the example of insurance : it will be more difficult to ensure a software as a natural person. Each will have to redefine themselves in relation to these new functions. “

The autonomous car, it is a revolution. “

Guillaume Devauchelle, Director of innovation Valeo

Guillaume Devauchelle et votre serviteur devant un prototype de voiture autonome à bord de laquelle Caradisiac a roulé sur le périphérique parisien.
Guillaume Devauchelle and your servant in front of a prototype autonomous car at the edge of which Caradisiac rolled on the paris ring road.

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