Road vacation : the first one “When we arrive” is said at the end of 44 minutes

And it doesn’t take much more time for the urge to pee is manifested ! After the departure, the parents are so quiet less than an hour…

Initially, the road of the holidays is already long. The distance (854 km in average for the French) are likely to add to traffic congestion. And the trip can seem interminable if there are children sitting in the back !

We all know THE inevitable question of the youngest in the car : “are we there yet ? “. And according to a study of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, French children put in an average of 44 minutes before asking the first time ! We imagine this experienced by the parents who drive all day to get to their place of vacation. 47 % of respondents also admitted to having lied to their offspring on the actual duration of the course.

Another must in trips with toddlers : the pee break. It is well known, the car is a good diuretic (but then, it also works on a lot of adults). And it doesn’t take much time for the first burning desire is posted : 49 minutes!!! 65 % of parents join the next service station, 15 % find the first bush… and 9 % do not stop. Wait and hold !

To be clear, the parents would not be quiet that three-quarters of an hour ! Fortunately, new technologies are there to keep the young ones amused during trips : 52 % of children play with tablets and smartphones while on the trip.

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