Travelcar : the toll offered for those who are trying the rental between private individuals

Travelcar is a company that puts rent your auto while you travel. To promote its services, it has partnered with Vinci, with several gifts to the key.

Have you ever thought of renting your vehicle from an individual ? Not ? However, there are times where it would be wise to do so for cost savings, for example, when you give up several days of your car on the parking lot of an airport or a train station.

Travelcar has specialized in this form ofcar-sharing : the enterprise picks up your auto and offers rental while you are traveling. You are paid for each kilometre travelled by your car with a third party. And you’re obviously a winner, because the company pays for the parking, which can grow to large sums.

Still reluctant ? To attempt to convince you, Travelcar has partnered with Vinci, with to the key a few advantages. Until 31 August, an offer (limited to 2 000 coupons) is proposed for individuals who share their car for at least 7 days during this month. Customers who have made the benefit of the management fee to the badge télépéage offered for six months and € 10 toll offered. Of course, this is not the gold rush, but it is always that won, as much as the initial benefits, such as free parking, are again the part.

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