Volkswagen T-Roc : the first drawings

In September, the family of the SUV Volkswagen will expand from the bottom with the T-Roc. The constructor reveals the outline of this best-selling power with two sketches.

The countdown is on. Volkswagen will unveil its new compact SUV on the 23rd of August. To make wait, the German went on to teasers. A few days after a video referring to the design and customization capabilities, the manufacturer has released two sketches of the T-Roc.

It renews the caution in the face of this kind of designs : the proportions are exaggerated to put on a show. There has to see the size of the wheels or the ratio of glazing/body at the profile level ! But all the great lines are there.

Le concept T-Roc. L'essentiel était sous nos yeux dès 2014 !
The concept T-Roc. The key was under our eyes as soon as 2014 !

The T-Roc will be so faithful to the concept herald, unveiled at the Geneva motor Show 2014. The prototype, one will find the grille that is body with the optical (the whole being emphasized by the chrome), the thick amount of pyx, the shoulders marked, or the wand of chrome highlights on the glazing side and falls along the bezel.

Another point in common with the study of style : the body-two-tone, become a must on the compact SUV. Small difference in contrast : the optical additional rounds have been replaced with air inlets. Big difference : the model of series is a 5-door conventional while the proto was a 3-door, in part, discoverable.

The T-Roc will measure twenty inches shorter than the Tiguan, which stretches on 4,49 meters. It seems to tick all the boxes to become a best-seller in the market and is one of Volkswagen’s most sold. The Golf risk of losing some clients.

Volkswagen T-Roc : les premiers dessins

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