A Landes is looking for his car for a week and launches a call for help

George is arrested in a district of Toulouse to stretch your legs. But at the end of his walk, he has not been able to find his Clio… and this is a week that it lasts.

To lose a small object, this can happen to everyone. But losing his car, it is necessary to do so. This is what happened to George Gleyses, a native of Mont-de-Marsan (Landes), as recounted in the Dépêche du Midi. The man, aged 86, went to Toulouse last Monday to visit her brother. But tired, he took the wise decision to stop before you get in the area of the Grand-Rond.

A choice that he regrets surely. The motorist explained to our colleagues : “I am come down to me to stretch the legs and when I got back to my car, impossible to find”. The man acknowledges to have many absences.

With the help of his brother and his sister-in-law, he surveyed the area and also travels in the direction of Saint-Cyprien on the other side of the Garonne river to try to recover his vehicle, a Renault Clio 4, dark grey. But still nothing on the Monday night. Georges Gleyses has contacted the pound, to no avail, and filed a handrail at the police station. He had to go home by taxi, which cost him the trifle of 325 € !

But then, where is this vehicle ? Parked in a different neighborhood, or stolen ? The mystery remains, and the driver has to launch an appeal to witnesses in giving his phone number : 05 58 75 13 42. His car is registered CZ 895 YT.

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