A Tesla Model S travels more than 1 000 km with a refill

It is a new world record for an electric vehicle serial. It was established by the Italian club Tesla Owners with a version 100 D. Obviously, the conditions were favorable, with in particular a reduced speed.

This is information that could make jealous our tester Pierre Desjardins, a specialist in tours for devices with power up to the power failure. In Italy, a Tesla Model S 100D was able to browse 1 078 km with a load ! As a reminder, the car is registered in Europe with a range of 632 km.

This is a new record for an electric vehicle serial. In June, the Belgians had managed to make a 901 km. Elon Musk had said on Twitter that the bar of the 1000 km was possible. So it is a done thing. With a battery of 100 kWh, the car used 98 kWh before falling down. According to the onboard computer, the average consumption amounted to 91 Wh/km.

Une Tesla Model S parcourt plus de 1 000 km avec une recharge

But as always with this type of test, the type of conduct is far from the actual conditions, with the desire to have a low speed and regular to maintain the load. The speed of the record was 40 km/h ! The end of the course seems to have been made to look like a snail, because the consumption dropped to 82 Wh/km on the last 50 kilometers. Four drivers took turns. It was that, because the record took 29 hours !

During his test on the device with the Model S 100 D, in a movement less smooth (but not necessarily faster), Pierre Desjardins had managed to go 710,9 km before the power outage, with an average fuel consumption of 134 Wh/km.

Stay tuned, we will offer you tomorrow a detailed test of 100 D.

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