Britain : a driver controlled with 6 grams of alcohol in the blood

Drink or drive, this motorist didn’t want to choose. He dared to tell the police that he had drunk only two beers !

This is a story that will maintain a cliché, namely, that in Britain it is focused on the drink. In the night from Friday to Saturday, the police arrested in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande just to the side of Rennes, a vehicle that was committing several traffic violations and an accident. As recounted, our brothers in the West-France, the driver has been detained by passers-by until the arrival of the forces of law and order.

These latter are then in the face of a driver, quite drunk. But the man, 43-year-old, refuses to blow into the balloon. In the aftermath, at the hospital, he will be the subject of a blood test to determine his blood alcohol level, which is… 5.98 g/l of blood. It is very, very far the legal threshold of 0.5 g/l.

So far, the motorist tells the police that he has only consumed two beers. Perhaps they were associated with a strong alcohol. Or well, he had drunk two beers only, but two kegs ! Of course, he drank a lot more than that, especially since the man has already been convicted of driving in a state alcoholic.

His license was removed and he was released after a night of sobering up. It will be up to the police station to know what holds the floor.

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