Colombia : a police officer injured in'attack'mission'UN

A police officer 31-year-old has been injured Sunday 6 August in an attack against the UN mission in Colombia. The latter is mandated to oversee the disarmament of the revolutionary armed Forces of Colombia (Farc), has announced the police. “During the attack was wounded, a policeman of 31 years, which was transported to Cali and its prognosis is reserved,” said a police source, stating that the attack had taken place at 8 local time (13 hours GMT).

The members of the UN mission were in the process of overseeing the recovery of arms and ammunition in a depot of the rebels in Caloto, in the department of Cauca (south-west), when they were attacked from a hill. According to a police source, the attackers would be dissidents from the Farc, but the police commander of Cauca has attributed this assault to the national liberation Army (ELN, guévariste), last rebellion active in the country with approximately 1 500 combatants, which is currently involved in peace talks in Quito with the government of colombia.

260 000 dead in half a century

The UN mission to Colombia announced in late July that it had dumped more than 300 caches of weapons of the Farc in the framework of the final phase of the disarmament of the guerrilla, but has cast doubt on its completion before the scheduled date of the 1st of September. The mission said that the guerrillas had provided information on 779 caches, although the rebels have said more than 900.

According to the government, some 300 members of the Farc do not acknowledge the historic peace agreement signed with the government of president Juan Manuel Santos and are entered in dissent. According to the government, the dissidents will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the peace agreement and will be treated as common criminals.

In more than half a century, the complex colombian armed conflict has involved a thirty guerrillas, paramilitaries of the far right, officially demobilized since 2006, and the security forces, killing at least 260 000 people dead, more than 60,000 missing persons and 7.1 million displaced people.

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