Syria : Carla Del Ponte, will resign from the Commission d'survey'UN

“I’m frustrated, I give up ! “The former attorney specialist war crimes Carla Del Ponte announced on Sunday, August 6, his willingness to resign from the Board of inquiry of theUN on the Syria that has” never achieved anything “, it announced in an interview to the swiss newspaper Blick. “I have already written my resignation letter and will send it in the next few days “, she declared during an interview given for the film festival of Locarno, in the Ticino, his native region.

The independent investigation Commission of the united nations was created in August 2011 by the Council of the rights of Man, a few months after the start of the syrian conflict. Carla Del Ponte joined the Commission in September 2012. Headed by the Brazilian Paulo Pinheiro, the Commission has already made several reports but has never been permitted by Damascus to visit Syria. “I can’t be in this Commission that does absolutely nothing,” she says, accusing the members of the security Council ” does not want to establish justice “.

330 000 people dead and millions displaced

Triggered in march 2011 by the repression of protests, pro-democracy and opponent initially army and rebels, the conflict in Syria has become more complicated over the years with the involvement of regional actors, foreign powers and groups-jihadists, on a territory that is increasingly fragmented. He made more than 330 000 dead and millions of displaced persons and refugees. “In the beginning there was good and evil. The opposition from the side of the property and the government in the role of evil, ” says Carla Del Ponte.

Now, ” all in Syria are on the side of evil. The government of Assad has committed terrible crimes against humanity and used chemical weapons. And the opposition is now made up of extremists and terrorists “, the judge said it. And to continue : “Believe me, horrific crimes such as those committed in Syria, I have not seen in Rwandaor in former Yugoslavia “. Carla del Ponte is known for his outspoken and impulsive behaviour, which have earned him many enmities.

Named prosecutor of the international criminal Tribunal (ICTY) for the former-Yugoslavia at the end of 1999, this small woman with white hair cut short has managed to get that a former head of State, Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic to respond to war crimes in front of international justice, a first. That sense of justice has guided the choice of Carla Del Ponte, of its investigations against the mafia alongside the Italian judge Giovanni Falcone in the investigations that it has undertaken in the financial community is swiss when she was at the head of the federal prosecutor’s office in the 1990s.

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