The television channel Al-Jazeera non grata in Israel

Israel increase the tone. The State announced on Sunday 6 August its intention to close down the offices of the information chain qatari Al-Jazeera accused of having encouraged the recent violence which have raged around the holy places in Jerusalem. Worse, he is accused the chain of serving the interests of the enemies of the jewish State. The media has widely broadcast at the international has denounced the “serious (…) on the part of a State that claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East” and announced that it would challenge it in court.

For years, Israel denounces the bias of Al-Jazeera in its coverage of the conflict against the Palestinians. The attacks against the channel have experienced a new escalation where the israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in late July its intention to expel Al-Jazeera which he accused of having fanned the tensions around the esplanade of the Mosques, a place emblematic of the israeli-palestinian conflict. On Sunday, the israeli minister of Communications, Ayoub Kara, said at a press conference that Al-Jazeera is ” become the main tool of Daech, the Hamas, the Hezbollah and Iran “.

“Incitement to violence”

The minister also said that Al-Jazeera ” has encouraged violence which has caused losses among the best of our sons “, referring to two israeli police killed on 14 July in the vicinity of the esplanade of the Mosques in the old city of Jerusalem by three israeli Arabs. “In recent times, almost all the countries of the region including thesaudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have come to the conclusion that Al-Jazeera incites terrorism and religious extremism, it was aberrant in these conditions that this string continues to emit” from Israel, the minister added.

On his Twitter account, Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated the minister of Communications “, that took on my instructions of concrete measures “. These measures include the cancellation by the press office of the government of the accreditation of journalists as well as a stop of the cable connections and satellite, said the minister. A procedure will also be initiated by the minister of internal Security in view of the closure of the offices of the channel in west Jerusalem.

Transmissions are limited

The israeli authorities will also attempt to limit the transmission capacity of the channel via satellite links “open that allow the majority of viewers of the arab community in israeli to have access” to Al-Jazeera, said the ministry of Communications without giving other details. The israeli Arabs, descendants of Palestinians stayed on their land to the creation of Israel in 1948, account for 17.5 % of the population of Israel, mostly jewish. They have israeli nationality and complain of long-standing discrimination.

The israeli media had mentioned recently a possible attempt of closure of Al-Jazeera, stating that the chain could appeal against such action to the supreme Court. The ad against Al-Jazeera occurs after nearly two weeks of tension around the esplanade of the Mosques in east Jerusalem, the palestinian side of the city occupied and annexed by Israel, where the jewish State had installed a new security device to the great fury of the Palestinians. The latter feared that this measure constitutes a means for Israel to strengthen its control over the holy places. After intense international pressure, Israel has backtracked.

Al-Jazeera is also in the sights of saudi Arabia, the united arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt who have broken with Qatar on 5 June. They are accusing the emirate of supporting terrorism “, but mostly to get closer to their big rival regional l’Iran. Access to Al-Jazeera, founded more than 20 years by the government of Qatar, has been blocked in those countries. They have also asked Qatar to close this string, an application that is deemed “unacceptable” by the high commissioner of the UN for human rights as ” undermining the freedom of information “. Al-Jazeera has close to 80 offices around the world and broadcast in multiple languages. She has been the sounding of the movements of the arab Spring. Its critics consider its editorial line too favourable for islamists.

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