United states : robots hidden among the supporters of Trump on Twitter ?

Donald Trump account 35.2 million followers on Twitter. If it is less than her predecessor Barack Obama (92.7 million subscribers), this will be 2.0 will still make you drool for a good number of users. Except that this incredible popularity would be in part artificial, as is revealed in 20 Minutes. Some tweeters say that among these fans of flesh and bone hide from the robots. More precisely, bots, computer programs that operate autonomously and automatically.

The survey citizen is part of an account of a priori trivial : that of Nicole, a young African american who is portrayed as an “entrepreneur” and a “conservative black” and of course, a fervent support of the tenant of the White House. In 140 signs, the young woman was warmly thanked its president for his “hard work” in favor of the american people. And then, a miracle : Nicole has had the honour of a reply presidential : “Thank you Nicole ! “.

Thank you Nicole!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 5, 2017

A third party of bots among its subscribers ?

But the creation date of this account has done wince the world of the internets : Nicole has landed on the network at the blue bird in January 2017. However, this month, Donald Trump moved to the White House. Coincidence ? Another disturbing fact : the smiling face of Nicole appeared on an online fashion store. The claw and sings the praises of a ” pretty young woman dressed in a white t-shirt with round neck walking in a shopping centre “… The tweeters were quick to discover the pot in the pink : the U.s. is in fact a mannequin who posed for a site of copyright-free images. It only remained to him to make a false identity. As a pro-Trump expansive on the social networks, for example. The case of Nicole would be far from being isolated. According to 20 Minutes, almost a third of the followers of Donald Trump would have a bolt in place of the heart.

This “profile” of her quotes from a Daily Caller piece…

— Schooley (@Rschooley) August 6, 2017

And the president seems not to care to arrange the reality. June 16, 2015, the campaign team of the future president has been slammed by the Hollywood Reporter for paying actors fifty dollars for the cheer and make noise during the announcement of his candidacy.

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