BMW : the electric is advancing but remains a drop of water

It is necessary to recognise the innovation and improvement of sales of electric cars does not come from premium brands and high-end, they are yet supposed to represent the technological evolution before it becomes more popular among brands. At BMW, the electric power rises sharply, but remains largely in the minority.

The group BMW announces its results for the first part of the year, and they are good because the increase is from 4.3 % to 1.4 million units. Remember that this figure takes into account sales of the whole group, which includes BMW, of course, but also Mini and Rolls-Royce.

The German giant has also provided an interesting data. The BMW Group has passed 50 711 cars electrified (hybrid, plug-in hybrids and electric) between the beginning of January and the end of July.

This represents only 3 % of the sales of BMW in the first seven months of the year, as a drop of water and a figure that shows the challenge facing the German automakers, Volkswagen and Mercedes in the lead, to achieve major proportions of sales of power by 2025.

At present, the BMW group has 9 vehicles partially or fully electrified on the market. The range “i” of BMW is expected to grow by 2020 with the arrival of new models.

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