BMW X2 : the official photos… a copy of camouflaged

BMW gives a taste of its new compact SUV with these images. The vehicle is still hidden but we can guess her lines, necessarily close to the concept unveiled last year.

BMW has this habit : he announces the arrival of a new model by posting official photos of a vehicle camouflaged. This was recently the case of the X3 and M5, it is now the turn of the X2. With this fighter unique, the brand will double its supply on the market of compact SUV. Closely derived from the X1, the X2 is distinguished by a silhouette more muscular, without necessarily getting a coupe-like profile like the X4 and X6. It will also be smaller.

BMW X2 : les photos officielles… d'un exemplaire camouflé

Camouflage is a very colorful vehicle pictured here disrupts the vision, but focusing on getting all the contours of the body. The series production model will be close to the concept annunciator, unveiled at the Mondial de Paris last year. We note as well a grille in which the beans reversed will give a touch of aggressiveness to the front, an impression will be reinforced by the look shirred. The rear has the air of a compact enhanced. BMW will leave the choice between looking fighter, with generous protections raw plastic, and a sporty appearance.

BMW X2 : les photos officielles… d'un exemplaire camouflé

The X2 will be commercially available in 2018. For its early date of revelation, it is still the mystery. After the publication of this type of images, BMW made us wait usually several months (almost four for the X3). Therefore, it is not certain to discover the X2 in September at the Frankfurt motor Show, as BMW already has a rich program for this show (X3, 6-Series Gran Turismo, M5).

BMW X2 : les photos officielles… d'un exemplaire camouflé

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