With the Ferrari in gold for its money

On the côte d’azur, it is bronze, but it was also for her money by walking the streets. The proof, one sees the same cars in gold, the kind that sends the wood. Take for example this Ferrari, a brand that is at the forefront of the motor sports. It should already have the pockets full to offer, but for some, there is still what to spice up the dish to stand out a little more. And shine with a thousand lights.

It runs between Nice and Monaco and it is becoming a kind of attraction, since it haunts the social networks. Like the ferret, it runs, but not sure that the same mustelids have in their comparative price of insurance. Here is the Ferrari made of solid gold, a new curiosity of the Riviera.

The car was spotted several times between Nice and Monaco. Several videos posted on social networks show the vehicle in front of the casino of the Principality. But to whom does it belong ? Some say that a saudi prince is love while others speak of the son-in-law of the venezuelan president. Yes, the same one that presents itself as the heir of a long lineage of icons communists…

And if it was, also, a bold coup de pub ? On the wing of the car, the logo Pejati, a belgian company of repurchase of gold is visible. On the cover, an inscription attests to the amount of gold used to customize the machine : 1,000 kg. Not top for the power to weight ratio…

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