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The car’s all-wheel-drive is the most sold in 2016 is not an Audi

With its Quattro technology, we would have been able to think of that'Audi would be the boss of the sales with regards to cars with four-wheel drive. But it'is…
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Hyundai : other sport “N” to come out in 2018

2017 is a landmark year for Hyundai, which will officially launch its first sports model in the'naming "N", which is basically l'equivalent of Renault Sport at the Korean manufacturer.…
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Audi: back on the electric…without neglecting the diesel

Audi s'registered as a key player in the championship of Formula E, in which he s'support for the promotion of its range of e-tron. A l'occasion'ePrix berlin, Caradisiac was…
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The French market of power saved by Renault, Tesla and BMW in may

With nearly 2,000 registrations in the last month, registrations of electric vehicles in France continue their progress exclusively through the sales of Renault, Tesla and BMW, but the market…
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The first pictures live from the new Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen unveils today'the sixth and new generation of Polo. The German firm promises that her ant will be larger, more technological and efficient than ever. Join us live from…
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Photos of the day : Chevrolet Camaro SS 396

From the first vintage in 1967, Chevrolet introduced packs d'options on the Camaro, l'eternal american rival the Ford Mustang. The SS is a special variant that had a V8…
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Lexus : amazing advertising for the autonomous car

While everyone is running for the autonomous car, Lexus has chosen a small cross-foot wonder in a commercial, as the brand is part of'a group (Toyota) that work, precisely,…
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Carlos Ghosn promised the first place in the world of Renault-Nissan

Carlos Ghosn has seen his salary was finally validated. It was hot, but the account will be able to be supplied. It is now necessary to show that his…
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Already sold out, the Scénic 4 is selling poorly ? Renault responds to Caradisiac

A few months after its launch, the new Scénic enjoys d'a big squeeze-Argus + 4 000 €. This has attracted our attention : the sales are not up to…
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Lexus launches the IS Sport Edition and an RX Golf Edition

Two small new features in the range of Lexus, put forward l'occasion of the open days (17-18 June) : l'IS 300h receives a sporty finish mid-range and the big…
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