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Germany : the load on the electric

In the automotive world, Germany is a key player. And at a time when the car is about to completely change of face, the same Germany intends to remain…
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The markets are getting the skin of the boss of Ford

The statement of intent and a statement of the policies do provide some reassurance that a time. At a time when the feverish, versatile but also very interested in…
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Bridge of the Ascension : traffic is charged according to the Bison Futé, which hoists the black flag

Long weekend and sunny weather : here's a cocktail that is conducive to traffic jams. In the sense of departures, Bison Futé sees red at the national level as…
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Unusual : she made a detour of 490 kilometers due to construction

The deviations of the work : the panels that you ship it in the streets improbable to the point of making you lose time and your sense of the'direction.…
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Tesla : do you sponsor and get the refill for free on the superchargers

Tesla has heard its customers and now includes a novelty in the sponsorship program since it'a new client sponsored may receive the refill for free on the superchargers, so…
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Survey – Your next car will have automatic transmission ?

The French market is experiencing many of the 'perfect storm': the number of hires to s'flies, the sales of diesel cars drop, the fighters continue to gain ground... Another…
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A garage specialist for the Nissan GT-R catches fire, with all the cars inside

This is a sad state of affairs for the manager of this garage, and for all the owners who have had the misfortune d'have their car in the workshop…
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New Renault Mégane RS : see you in week end in Monaco

The variant RS of the fourth generation of renault Megane will show up this weekend, l'occasion of the Grand Prix of Formula 1. It is hoped that'it paradera in…
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Lamborghini : new plant and 200 new hires in addition to the arrival of the SUV Urus

The coming of the SUV Urus is accurate at Lamborghini. So that'he was caught in camouflage on the road, the SUV can also be found in production. A whole…
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A president can he pollute ?

The DS-7 to the edge of which our new president s'is made to induct was equipped d'an engine HDI. The same week a report confirmed again that the diesels…
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