Italy : WhatsApp bailer d'a fine for sharing data with Facebook

After an investigation of several months, l'Italian competition Authority has fined the company a penalty of three million d'euros.
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Snapchat Shows

User of Snapchat, and lover of sunglasses ? You are going to want a pair of these Shows !
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Taxes 2017 : how to report its revenue on mobile

The season of the income tax return is open ! Millions of taxpayers may declare in a few minutes with their smartphone. 2017 is the year of the generalization…
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Attack on giant : “Everything was predictable”

How, in a few hours, hackers were able to infect thousands d'computers in a dozen countries ? Responses with l'expert in cyber security @x0rz.
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Acer Aspire VX 15

With a good data sheet and its reasonable price, the Aspire VX15 Acer offers respectable performances for the video game without having to make compromises.
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Tizen OS is not dead, here’s the Samsung Z4

Samsung has just unveiled the Z4, under Tizen OS 3.0. The Samsung Z4 Tizen was initially a project called LiMo (Linux Mobile). It is now on many Samsung products, including the…
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Facebook s'attack on web sites “misleading”

The social network has updated its algorithm to combat the "fake news" that'he had been accused of'have too much left to circulate during the us presidential election.
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12 tips for managing their PC power & increase the autonomy of portable

Tower of the solutions proposed by our members to improve the management of l'energy in our desktop computers and laptops.
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Google, Apple and Facebook accused of unfair practices in Europe

The european Commission has received several complaints from businesses based on the continent accusing the great american bands of the abuse of a dominant position. She is working on…
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Water : the plastic, it'is not fantastic

It is possible to restore l'water'air or through of plants, and especially the'interfere in membranes prepared from d'algae. Preview in #TECH24.
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