Houda benyamina l is considering a movie with James Franco or Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson in "Cosmopolis", David Cronenberg (capture d'screen) and Houda benyamina l (© Vincent Ferrané for Les Inrockuptibles)After a dazzling passage in Cannes, where it won the Camera d'or,…
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Pluto : an ocean of melted snow in his heart

L'existence d'internal oceans on rocky planets located beyond March, almost seems to become the rule in as l'Man explores the solar System. The images provided by the mission, New…
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Mission Proxima : the French Thomas Pesquet is in space, en route to the ISS (SHIFT)

Selected in 2009 in the european corps of astronauts assigned to the mission Proxima in 2014, Thomas Pesquet is now in the'space. But not yet in l'ISS, that he…
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Health : training of Thomas Pesquet told by her personal physician

Shortly before the quarantine of Thomas Pesquet, the 1st of November (a standard procedure before each launch astronauts to avoid external contamination of the space Station), we spoke with…
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Extinction of the dinosaurs : the crater of Chicxulub, a crater, unique for a better understanding of planetary surfaces (SHIFT)

The drilling campaign at the bottom of the giant crater of Chicxulub at the Yucatàn (Mexico) is completed and the results fall. There are about 65 million d'years, the…
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A quantum simulator beats the record speed of calculation

Quantum computers capable d'to establish supremacy over the classical computers are myths to some physicists. It was more d'hope with simulators quantum like the one that comes to develop…
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Google Earth VR : around the world in virtual reality

Google offers a version of its mapping service Google Earth adapted to the virtual reality which allows you to walk around in the world by flying like a bird.…
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ISS : Thomas Pesquet will expose it to health risks ?

What health risks exposes the astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who is a few hours of his departure to the destination of the international space Station for a mission of six…
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Dozens of shipwrecks discovered at the bottom of the Black sea

An expedition party to survey the ancient shores of the Black sea flooded since the end of the ice age had the nice surprise to discover dozens of sunken…
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5 photos of the Jaguar I-Pace, the future rival of the Tesla Model X

The car brand Jaguar has unveiled a concept SUV electric christened I-Pace. It foreshadows a production model that will be released in 2018 to compete with including the Model…
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