Thomas Pesquet, the makings of a hero : the documentary where book the French astronaut (SHIFT)

After the six episodes of Space : l'odyssey of the future, on the chain Planet+, the series on l'future'space exploration narrated by Thomas Pesquet, in partnership with Futura, a…
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Electromagnetic Force : when the universe is consistent

The electromagnetic force is one of the four fundamental forces of physics. And astronomers now claim, with supporting evidence, that its intensity is the same on Earth as it…
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Flu : your birth year can protect you

Your first flu influence your immunity for life. C'is what suggest us researchers ; they have observed that people born before 1968 seem to be protected against some avian…
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Larger than Stonehenge, a mysterious temple discovered in Kazakhstan

The stones erected and etched, forming a structure covering 120 hectares, reminiscent of Stonehenge : c'is without a doubt the site of archaeological excavations, the most surprising of the…
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ISS : the French Thomas Pesquet is preparing to join the international space Station (SHIFT)

Selected in 2009 in the european corps of astronauts assigned to the mission Proxima in 2014, Thomas Pesquet is going to make tonight his dream of flying in the'space.…
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MLS, a fine for Drogba

Didier Drogba was hurt Friday d'a fine of the part of the major League football american MLS).
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Even if it is doubted, Kylian Mbappé will count for Monaco

Handed in the face of Montpellier, Kylian Mbappé has been l'trigger for the broad success of Monaco (6-2). Leonardo Jardim knows what to make of his immense talent.
138 0, a Moroccan freelance platform you should really try!

If you are a Consultant, Freelancer, and you have a recognized expertise, Freelancemission is the right place for you. It’s free! Join their community and generate revenue today. Thanks…
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Easily convert your Android apps to Iphone apps with J2ObjC

Google has made available to all developers its library, J2ObjC, a Java To Objective C. This outilpermet to turn your java code into Objective C, the language used to…
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The Samsung galaxy pro A9 available in india

A rumor that Samsung could be working on a Pro version of its Galaxy A9, would have been heard towards the end of January 2015. The famous tracker of the…
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