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A part of the castle of Versailles, converted into a luxury hotel

The palace of Versailles announced on Monday to have chosen those who will construct a hotel of luxury in three unoccupied buildings in the area.This will be the groups…
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Justin Bieber has really disappointed its fans at Juno

The canadian singer Justin Bieber who has managed pain and misery to win back his fans in the last year would be wise to treat them with onions if…
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Choupette at the beach: a capsule mode for sunny days (PHOTOS)

Choupette is clearly the cat is the more fashionable of the planet. L'pet of Karl Lagerfeld is a source d'inspiration without limits to the creator who just gave the…
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“The secret is a human right, sacred”, argues the law firm Mossack Fonseca in the heart of “the Panama Papers”

"We believe in the secret," argues a co-founder of Mossack Fonseca, in the heart of the scandal "the Panama Papers," which reveals how this cabinet d'lawyers helped the rich…
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This seal smiling is the winner of the competition “Underwater Photography” (PHOTOS)

Since 1996, the contest of underwater photography Underwater Photography premium the extraordinary shots d'amateurs or professionals, and the winners of the'edition 2015-2016 we were not disappointed. Among the winners,…
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He hung a flag of Mexico on the Trump Tower, and this has not gone unnoticed

"The Donald" n'has not had to determine the symbol. Saturday, April 2, Diego Saul Reyna, a mexican worker has hung the banner of his country d'origin, at the top…
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Tax havens: Vladimir Putin is the “main target” of the journalistic investigation, according to the Kremlin

Russian president Vladimir Putin is the "main target" of "Panama papers", s'targeted, in particular, to its close, has denounced Monday the Kremlin, referring to a journalistic investigation full d'"inventions"…
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“The Panama Papers”: the episode premonition of the Simpsons on tax evasion (VIDEO)

The scandal erupted Sunday, and now, l'like Offshore Leaks or Swiss Leaks, l'expression "Panama Papers" will become familiar. With each revelation his parodies and mockery and, in the aftermath…
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“The Panama Papers”: the major names and major revelations (VIDEO)

Political leaders, celebrities, and tens of billionaires are among the personalities mentioned in what appears to be the largest leak of documents in history. The survey of planetary, which…
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Fire on Mont-Royal avenue in Montreal

A commercial building is the prey of the flames, l'avenue Mont-Royal to l'corner of the street of The Rock.The residents of the other two residential floors were evacuated while…
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