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Democratic primary : Hillary Clinton attacked Iraq during a televised debate

During d'a televised debate between democratic candidates to the us presidential election, Bernie Sanders was brought Saturday from a direct attack on Hillary Clinton who had voted for the…
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Attacks in Paris : many foreigners among the victims

Many foreigners are on the list, provisional and non-exhaustive, of the victims of the attacks on Friday evening in Paris. Expatriates, bi-national or tourists, all broke even that'they were…
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Parisians pay tribute to victims of the attacks

Hundreds of Parisians visited Saturday evening in front of the bars and restaurants of the Xth and Xith arrondissement of Paris which have been the theatre d'bloody attacks on…
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Solidarity in the blood collection centers after the terrorist attacks in Paris

In a great burst of solidarity, many of the ile-de-france flocked, Saturday, in the centers of parisian collection of blood to help the wounded and the attacks in Paris.…
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Attacks in Paris : the point on the ongoing investigation

A car used in the attacks was found Sunday in Montreuil. It contained at least two kalashnikovs. Investigators are trying to determine if it has been used for l'a…
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The Carillon : the massacre in a den of young trendy parisians

"Chime" and "The Little Cambodia", have been the targets of l'one of the terrorist attacks of Friday night. The bar and restaurant were places frequented by the young and…
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Attacks in Paris : relive the day on Sunday

Paris and France are in shock in the aftermath of the attacks claimed by the group islamic State, which has claimed the lives of 129 people. L'army is deployed…
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Attacks in Paris : several arrests in Belgium

The investigators were on a track in belgium on Saturday night, then that'a team who participated in the attacks on Friday night would have taken the flight to Brussels.…
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