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L'Germany adopts gay marriage

Historic day in the German Bundestag. The majority of German mps has adopted this Friday morning the marriage for all, putting an end to decades of controversy.
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Opioids : the new scourge that affects the United States

The overdose associated with these drugs or as their substitutes explode to the point that the governors of several States to launch measures to arrest the crisis.
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United states : Venus Williams involved in a road accident fatal

The tennis player has collided with another vehicle at an intersection. Its occupants, an elderly couple, were injured by the shock, and l'78 year-old man is then dead.
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Gay marriage : Angela Merkel dropped a taboo German

L'Germany becomes the 14th country d'Europe to legalize marriage for all. A poker game of the German chancellor, to three months of legislative.
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Letter of Brexit : the wind has he turned to London ?

Finished the Brexit hard ! The First minister, paradoxically enhanced after its defeat in the legislative, takes the lead to negotiate an exit deal.
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With the pasdaran, sentinels of the islamic Republic

In the first line against Daech in l'outside, the pillars of security and l'economy'inside, the "keepers" s'themselves as the masters of the'Iran.
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Germany – gay Marriage : the coup de poker d'Angela Merkel

This was to be a manoeuvre conservative and very political. Taken short by Martin Schulz, the German chancellor will be the one that has taken down a taboo German.
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United states : the decree anti-immigration Trump entered into force

The text s'brings new restrictions on l'entry on american soil, in particular the notion of "immediate family", l'the administration has had to clarify.
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Donald Trump insult a journalist “low IQ”

The president of the United States s'is once more let loose on Twitter, s'by taking to the host d'a show under the pretext that'she "evil spoken of" him.
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Uk : Theresa May gets to (just) the confidence of Parliament

Elected with a majority of 14 votes with the support of the party's northern irish DUP, the conservative will have to battle to keep his government united.
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