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Ceremonies of July 14 : Donald Trump accepts the'invitation'Emmanuel Macron

The us president will attend the fashion show in paris to celebrate "the centenary of l'entry of United States into the First world War".
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Philippe Labro : l'event Trump the 14th of July

VIDEO. Emmanuel Macron has invited Donald Trump, who has accepted, to attend the ceremonies of July 14. L'occasion'a strategic combination.
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Supporters died at Hillsborough : 6 people charged

On April 15, 1989, in the semi-final of the Coupe d'England football, a movement of the crowd had caused the death of 96 supporters.
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Donald Trump displays a fake one for the “Time” in his golf clubs

The "Washington Post" reveals that, in some golf clubs of the american president, is hung on a cover of the magazine, which n'has never existed.
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United states : women are the first victims of the end of l'Obamacare

ABORTION, but also charge d'childbirth, maternity leave, breast cancer screening... If the project were adopted, this would be a disaster for women.
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In front of the morgue in Caracas, a city the most dangerous in the world

STORY. The Face of l'absence of official statistics of crime, journalists camped out daily in front of the morgue in the venezuelan capital.
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Ransomware : a cyber-attack has affected Chernobyl and the Merck

According to several of the companies attacked, the virus displays a ransom demand of $ 300 worth of virtual currency on l'screen of computers.
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United states : the reform d'Obamacare continues to fracture the republicans

While republicans were hoping to adopt a new text this week, they have decided to postpone the vote to a later date.
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July 14 : Emmanuel Macron invites Donald Trump to attend the parade

This would be a new coup d'shine for the French president. The american president responded that'he was going to "examine the feasibility" of the project.
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Syria : bombing of the coalition is 57 dead

The air strike targeted a prison in the hands of the'islamic State in l'is Syria. 42 civilians and 15 jihadists are dead, according to l'OSDH.
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