California : shooting in progress in San Bernardino

A gunbattle broke out Wednesday in San Bernardino, a city of california, east of Los Angeles. The police and the rescue services are on site. The number of victims remains for the moment uncertain.

A firefight was underway, Wednesday, December …

Mark Zuckerberg, dad, plans to give 99 % of his shares in Facebook to a charitable foundation

The boss of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced on Tuesday the birth of their first child, Maxima, and the gift at the end of 99% of the shares of the first social network of the planet

The mobile arrives in Wallis and Futuna

Good news (or not), our compatriots from Wallis and Futuna will finally be able to taste the joys of the mobile and even the 4G. This French territory is composed of two islands, lost in the South Pacific, inhabited by …

Google For Education : a catch-personal data ?

As other of its competitors, including Microsoft, Google has a range of Cloud services specifically for education : Google For Education. This sector is also one of the main markets, the United States, for the Chromebook.

Students and teachers …

HTTPS : a patent troll attack with several major players in US

The patents trolls are legion in the US : these companies generally attack small businesses and startups by threatening to take legal action on the basis of patents owned by the company. The trick is known, but many of the …

The box of links #30

Not to miss the news of Facebook, Google (Google+, YouTube, and other services of the Alphabet…), Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, but also to read the latest marketing studies of interest that will help you make the best decisions, here is …

Private data : BlackBerry pulls out of Pakistan

BlackBerry is going to leave Pakistan. The company recently confirmed
that it would pull out of this market as of December 30. This date is
the one set by the government to the canadian firm complies with its
request to …

Bosch launches home automation

Bosch is preparing to create a subsidiary
dedicated to the connected home. Called Bosch Smart Home GmbH, it will be
operational in early 2016. This entity will bring together all the solutions for home automation
the German brand, in both …

Password : 1 person out of 7 only uses a single one, everywhere

Set a strong password, this is still not a practice common enough among the internet users. But this is not the only flaw, according to a study carried out by the security vendor Kaspersky.

Thus, the specialist finds thatone in …

Hacking the HDCP : series 4K Amazon and Netflix in the nature

No lock it takes a long time. Amazon and Netflix had relied on the protection HDCP 2.2 (High-Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) to protect their new series, exclusive to 4K.

But according to the always well-informed TorrentFreak, this content are …

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